Free Bet Promo Codes & Freebets Bonus Code 2019

Free Bet Promo Code

If you’re on the prowl for free bet promo codes, you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll get all the critical information you need to know about where to find the best bonus codes for free bets.

This review will cover the basics, giving you an introduction to what Free Bets are all about, why you would want to use one, how to activate it and what rules commonly apply to those kinds of free bets. Then we’ll go over some of the great possibilities of markets available to use your Free Bet on, some tips and tricks of the trade and even a mini-glossary of betting terms.

Introduction to Free Bet Promo Codes

Many online betting companies offer promos giving you a Free Bet to use on their site. These are usually introductory bonuses for new users to a particular service. What these Free Bets do is give you a bit of an extra boost as an incentive for trying out a new provider, or for using a new area of the website’s sportsbook. Read on to get the scoop on how to activate your bonus code.

How to Activate a Promo Code

The activation process for redeeming a Freebet Promo Code is quite easy and it usually only takes a few minutes to do. Once you’ve got a bonus code, you should go to the bookie site where your bonus is offered. Usually, you need to sign up for a new account in order to activate the bonus code and then you can claim your Free Bet. Here’s a walkthrough of the process:

  • First, go to the bookmaker’s website where you want to use your code. Then click on the link to sign up for a new account with their service.
  • Next, you need to fill out the registration form with the relevant personal details, for example, your name, address, contact info and so on.
  • Before submitting the form, be sure to enter your promo code. It enables activation of your Free Bet. Once you’ve done that, click submit, and you’ll be on your way to collecting your bonus bet.

How Do I Qualify for a Bonus?

If you’re wondering whether you qualify for a bonus or not, here are a few things to consider, which will help you answer this question:

  • Are you a new customer to this site?
  • Do you have a valid bonus code?
  • Have you added funds to your account?

Did you answer yes to these three questions? Then you most likely do indeed qualify for a bonus. Let’s break it down step by step.

New Customer Rule

Most bookies offer these bonuses for new customers, so existing and returning customers do not normally qualify for a Free Bet bonus. It does not count to just make a second account under a different name or address. There are strict policies against this and there are identity verification processes to prevent cases of fraud. You do not want to mess around with that because it can have serious consequences.

Valid Bonus Code

For your bonus code to be valid, you can’t have used it before and the promotion must still be going on for it to qualify. Using a bonus code for the wrong site is also a no-go, so make sure you’re applying the correct bonus code for the online bookmakers you wish to use. If your promo code has for some reason expired or you’ve already used one with one site, you might check out what other websites have to offer, because there are a lot of different options available.

Funded Account

Many times you need to have funds available on your account before you can qualify for the startup bonus. Often there is a minimum requirement for how much money must be on your account for you to qualify, but don’t worry, it’s usually in the range of £5 to £10. Sometimes the amount of your free bonus bet is tied to the initial deposit you make, so make sure you check on that before you add the money to your account to make it most worthwhile.

If you’ve already tried all of these and you’re still struggling to activate a promotional code, contacting customer support is the way to go. They’ll be able to either solve the problem for you or at least let you know what to do. Check out the individual offer details too, because sometimes there are special rules depending on the promotion and conditions that need to be fulfilled.

What Terms and Conditions Apply to Freebets?

So what’s the catch with these promos? The good news is that you genuinely can get a free bet out of this kind of offer. Those can be subject to certain terms and conditions, which you should be aware of before you jump into anything. Here are some things to look out for to make sure you’re making a good investment of your money:

Turnover Requirements

A turnover requirement is a standard practice within the online betting industry, and it means you need to play through your bonus funds a certain amount before you are able to take the money out as cash. So that means you must meet at least the minimum amount of qualifying placed bets in order to redeem your bonus. Different companies vary on how they do this, and the rules can also depend on the specific promo. The turnover requirement is quite different for the various sections too, so a sports turnover requirement will differ from a casino turnover requirement, etc. Often sportsbooks have lower turnover requirements than games and casino.

Minimum Odds

Most offers stipulate that free bets are subject to certain minimum odd requirements in order to count. So you cannot use your free bet on bets for too low of odds, because they will be declared invalid for that offer. Usually, the minimum odds for such an offer are 1/2 (1.50 in decimal odds) or evens (2.00 in decimal).

Time Limits

You must also place your free bets within a certain period of time in order for them to be considered as part of the promotional free bet offers. The clock starts ticking at the date you register for a new account and enter the free bet bonus code, and usually the time limit goes for about 90 days. Check the particulars of the offer you’re interested in to be sure you can meet this limitation.

Maximum Bet Limits

There is usually a specific limit on how much your free bet is worth. Often it is an equal figure to your first bet placed, up to a particular amount. So if the maximum bet amount is £20 and you make a first bet of £10, you’ll get £10, but if you place a first bet of £25, you’ll get a free bet worth £20.

Regional Limitations

Some offers only apply to certain regions of the world, so, for example, they may only be available to residents of the UK or another country. Make sure the promotion you want to use is offered in your region, and if it’s not, you can probably find a different one which is.

Duplicate Customers

As we went over earlier, it is usually not allowed to have a secondary account in order to get multiple offers. This is very frowned upon and can cause you to have your bonus taken away, and even have your account terminated. So don’t try it, it’s not worth it!

These are just general guidelines for what to keep in mind when you’re searching for a bonus offer. Every promotion has its own specific rules and legalities, so don’t forget to read them so you will be aware of what the offer entails. There may well be strings attached, so it’s best to keep yourself informed of any terms and conditions that apply. The T&C’s are always made accessible on the bookie’s website, usually along with the bonus offer ads.

What is a Betting Bonus Code?

Ok, let’s rewind a bit and cover the basics. A betting bonus code is simply a special sequence which unlocks a bonus with an online betting company. There are a lot of different kinds of codes out there and they give you different special offers you can add to your account with a bookie. These codes are always company-specific, so you can’t use one for several bookies, it’s only good for the one company who offers it. Not all bonus codes are created equal, and there is a wide range of variety among them, some unlock much bigger and better bonuses than others. For that reason it’s really worthwhile to shop around and see where you can find the best bonus codes which will give you the most bang for your buck.

Kinds of Betting Bonus Codes

There are a lot of different kinds of bonus codes out there, each giving you a different kind of advantage. Take a look at the various options of betting bonus codes, as there are useful differences to note between them, and you might want to explore the many possibilities available to you. Keep in mind that most bookmakers don’t allow you to combine bonus offers together, you often have to use up one before moving on to the next, but as long as you follow that rule you can even take advantage of several bonuses with a single bookie.

Free Bet Bonus

This kind of bonus is pretty self-explanatory, it’s pretty much all said in the name. What a free bet bonus gives you is a free bet to use with that online bookmaker but usually after depositing a certain amount of money. Often a free bet bonus is given as a sign-up offer, meaning that you need to register for a new account with the company who is offering the free bet, and then you can redeem your bonus. There are usually particular limitations on how much the free bet can be worth, and also how many times you must cycle any free bet winnings through before you are able to take it out as cash, so pay attention to these details.

Deposit Matching Bonus

A deposit matching bonus is where the bookmaker matches your deposit into your account with them one for one. That means whatever amount you put into your account with that bookmaker, they will give you the same amount as a bonus. Keep in mind that there are certain limitations, often there is a cap on the maximum amount the company is willing to match up to. So for example, if the bookmaker has a 100% matching bonus up to £200, if you deposit £100 into your account, they will give you £200 as a bonus. But if you deposit £250, you’ll still only get the same £200, so use this wisely. In some casinos, you can even get a 150% matching bonus, meaning that they give you one and a half times the money you put in.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is very similar to a deposit matching bonus, basically meaning that the online bookmaker will give you a certain amount as a bonus when you reload the balance on your account.

Money Back Specials

You can sometimes get money back as a special reward from an online bookie. Often this is meant to make your bet risk-free, so you get the money back in the case your selection loses. For this kind of bonus you do not get the money back if you end up winning.

Casino Bonuses

These bonuses are specifically to be used in the casino section of a given online gambling website. If you’re totally into sports betting, you may not have even considered that the casino existed, so this kind of bonus is intended as an incentive to try it out with a lower risk. You can get similar offers as to sports betting, but sometimes at higher rates, 150%, 200% or even 300% deposit matching bonuses.


Bingo Bonuses

Similar to casino bonuses, the ones for bingo can typically offer higher percentages as the bonus than in the sports areas of a given website. You can often make use of their no deposit bonuses too, which let you demo the games without making a cash deposit beforehand.

No Deposit Bonus

This kind of bonus lets you sample the offerings of a particular online betting site without putting down cash beforehand. What’s cool about this is that it enables you to “try before you buy” so to speak and learn the ropes before risking real money.

Free Bet Guide

Now that you know all about the different kinds of bonuses out there, let’s a closer look at free bet bonuses, since that’s the main focus of this article. It might seem like all free bet bonuses are the same, but that’s definitely not true. Even within the free bonus bet category, there are diverse options and a range of different kinds of free bets. Here is a run through of seriously all the information you need to know about this topic.

Sign up free bet for new customers

This is the kind which gives you a free bet just for joining. It’s quite a deal, giving you a lucrative head-start when you register for a new account with an online gambling website. For that reason it is exclusively for new customers and you can’t get it twice. So use it wisely and also check out offers with companies you haven’t tried out yet, because you just might be able to take advantage of such a deal with a new website you haven’t used before.

Free bet download app

Some companies give you a free bet when you download their betting app to use on your mobile device. This is pretty cool because it basically gives you benefits for doing something you might have done anyways, and who doesn’t like trying out a good free app? Take a look at the mobile section of this article to find out more about the possibilities you can enjoy when you try out betting on your mobile.

Free Bet Sports

Free Bet Football

There are free bets specifically for football betting, and sometimes these give you even more enticing offers than ones for sports in general. Keep an eye out for these kinds of freebets if you’re a diehard football fan.

Free bet Horse Racing, free bet Grand National, Derby free bets

Similar to the football free bets, you can also find free bet bonuses specific to horse racing bettors. You can find out about these special offers by checking the horse racing section of an online betting website of your choice, or take a peek at their offers section.

Free Bet Rugby Union

Rugby fans have something to look forward to, a specific free bet offer just for use on Rugby Union.

Free Bet Sportsbook

This kind of free bet gives you access to use it on any market you choose from the whole sportsbook section.

Reload free bet

This is a free bet existing customers can also take advantage of, and this one is not limited to new customers. Often these kinds of free bets are given when you reload of top up your account with more money. Sometimes the amount of the free bet is based on the amount you deposit, just like a deposit match bonus.

Free bets no deposit required

With some free bets, you can actually take benefit from a special free bet offer without having to make a minimum deposit. These are very special, so be on the lookout for this kind of special deal, more often than not most companies make you make a deposit to get the free bet, so if you find ones where you don’t have this limitation, it’s a real score.

Risk-free bet

With a Risk-free bet, you get your money back if you lose. That’s quite an offer, because it means that you have nothing to lose. If you win, you get to keep the money from your bet, and if you lose, you end up back where you started, without losing any money.

There are a huge amount of other kinds of free bets, including these ones listed out here:

  • free bet casino
  • free bet poker
  • free bet games
  • free bet bingo
  • free bet roulette

Where can I get free bets?

You can often find free bet offers directly on a bookie’s home page, or by checking in the section where they list their special offers and promotions. Alternatively, you can find a lot of sites which offer promo codes to unlock special deals, including free bet bonuses. Those can tend to be a bit better promotions, but you may have to search around to find them. When you use that kind of bonus code from a secondary site, be sure to enter the code exactly as it is written, because entering it incorrectly can mean that you miss out on the free bet deal entirely.

Are Free Bets a Scam?

It might seem somewhat suspicious for companies to be essentially giving out free money. On the internet, it can be hard to tell the difference between a good deal and a scam. Free bets really are what they say they are, free bets worth a certain amount of money to use in an online betting website. It’s still important to consider whether a particular offer makes sense for you individually because some offers are not everyone. Factors to think about are the terms and conditions mentioned above, especially the turnover requirement. You might benefit from thinking over these aspects when considering whether a free bet deal is worthwhile for you:

Turnover requirement too high

If a bookie site you’re thinking about joining for their freebet offer has too high of a turnover requirement, it may end up costing you more than it benefits you. Sure the free bet might be £20 or so, and you could win quite a bit on that, but then if you have to cycle that £20 through three times, you may not end out ahead by the time you’ve bet £60 worth.

Time limit

Another thing to think about is whether you bet enough to satisfy the time limitations on a particular offer. On many promotions including free bet bonuses, you have to satisfy all the promotion terms within a 90 day period. That might be easy for someone who has quite a bit of experience with betting and uses their account on a frequent basis, but for someone who is rather new to online betting or someone who doesn’t bet that often may struggle to wager enough in 90 days to be able to benefit from a bonus code offer.

Minimising loss, not gaining money

This can be the case for certain special offers that appear too good to be true, or simply seem like something better than they really are in reality. For example, with risk-free bets, they actually function more like insurance than an actual bonus. You really only get money back if you already lost, so it doesn’t help you gain money, it just minimizes your losses. That said, this kind of bonus can be great for people who are new to online betting, because it lets you make a mistake without literally paying for it. But the good news is there are a ton of different kinds of bonuses in the world, so you can and should check out what fits you and your habits.

Bringing in new customers

Thinking of this from the company’s perspective also helps to make sense of whether bonus codes are a good deal. Basically, most bookie websites are quite excited to get new customers familiar with their site so they can expand their business and hopefully have a positive relationship with that customer. So from that view, it actually does make sense for them to give out small bonuses to initiate a good customer relationship. This is especially why many bonuses are exclusively for new customers and not returning customers because if you could use these bonuses all the time, the company would go bankrupt in no time.

Choosing the right kind of bonus

It’s also important to consider which kind of bonus might be most beneficial to you, based on your level of betting experience, specific interests, budget and also what offers are available. Some companies offer up to a £200 startup bonus, which sounds great, but unless you’re willing to commit a lot of time and potentially a lot of money to your betting, this kind of offer may not be right for you. Like many things in life, to each their own, and you should try to select an offer which suits your style.

Markets to Watch

Once you get your account set up, what should you check out among the many different possibilities out there? Sports betting is a great area to try for an incredible amount of options. Here are a few suggestions of markets to consider if you’re having trouble choosing:


This is by far the most popular area within the sports betting, making up a huge percentage of the online sports betting industry. You can find everything from national and international leagues to local teams, so take your pick. Some of the most popular teams are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Juventus.

Horse Racing

One of the most lucrative and sought-after sports betting markets around is, of course, horse racing. Place bets on your favorite selections in international, regional and national levels of competitions. Because the sport is historically so widely popular in the UK, you’ll find an especially great selection among British and Irish horse racing, whether RacingUK, Cheltenham Festival, the Royal Ascot, or Grand National is more your cup of tea.


For action-packed betting on the hottest basketball teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, be sure to check out the possibilities of basketball markets. You’ll be able to bet on everything from the NBA to Eurobasket, Euroleague, NCAA, Eurocup, FIBA Cup and all kinds of national basketball teams.

Fantasy Sports

An emerging and very popular market is the world of fantasy sports. It’s not about directly betting on sporting events, but instead using your knowledge of sports to make you money. Basically how it works is that you create a fantasy team by picking your chosen players and then put that team up against teams created by other players. Then where the betting comes in, you stake money on how your team will perform against your opponents. Fantasy sports can be played in a number of sports and there are various ways in which you can wager money. What’s interesting about this is that it’s not about picking the “best” players, but about carefully selecting your team knowing their strengths and weaknesses based on how they’ve performed in the past.


Many websites offer an In-Play option on some of their regular sports markets. It lets you bet while the match is occurring, not only spicing up the action but also giving you the potential to make necessary changes depending on how things are looking. Make note of the fact that this option is not available on all markets, and in-play bets may be excluded from certain bonus offers. Check the particulars to be sure of the rules, and be sure to try out In-PLay where it’s available.

Spread Betting

This is a kind of betting which ups the ante a bit, adding excitement as well as financial benefits. In fact, there are two kinds of spread betting: one is betting on the point spread, the other is based on how accurate a wager is. If you’re familiar with totals betting, it’s fairly similar to that. Basically, you predict whether a specific value, such as the number of goals scored in a soccer match, will be higher or lower than the amount set by a bookmaker. Wagers are then settled based on how much higher or lower the value is, so it can be quite beneficial or quite costly to bet this way.

Explore the Sportsbook

In the Sportsbook section of many online betting sites, you’ll find an incredible amount of options to bet on, so to give you an idea of the different sports available, here is a listing of them. Every bookie is different, and some have particular a regional focus, so worth looking around to see who’s offering the best selection of sorts markets out there.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to make the most out of your bets, you need to be clever about how you make your selections. Here are a few handy tips and tricks:


Spreading out your bets among several markets can have the effect of ensuring at least one of your bets will win. This lowers the risk involved and can lead to higher returns. Trying out this strategy can also lead to a more interesting experience because you might find you discover interesting teams and markets by doing this.

Make the most of special offers

There are lots of promotions out there to give you a bit of extra bang for your buck, so keep an eye out for those is a smart thing to do. Some offers are definitely better than others though, so only go with the good apples in the lot.

Try new things

Sometimes it helps to go with the unconventional when you’re betting. By trying out new markets you haven’t explored before, you can strike gold and find lucrative markets right beneath your nose. That might mean betting on a team you’ve never heard of but has profitable odds, or getting a new account with a different bookmaker than you’re used to for their welcome offer. It can be a great way to discover favorable prospects and at the very least it will keep things interesting.

Do your research

Keeping informed is one of the best things you can do. Read up on how your favourite teams are doing, and also how their rivals have fared in recent competitions. Studying up on the rules of the game you’re most interested in can be helpful too, and also makes it more engaging to watch. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with key betting terminology because it can not only be confusing to be unsure of what certain words mean, it can also cost you money if you don’t watch out. In that sense, knowledge certainly means power.

Check the Stats

Check the statistics on sports, teams, and events you’re interested in. You can find a statistics listing on each of the major sports bookie websites, or search the web for a reliable site with sports statistics listings. Comparing the numbers will help you get acquainted with the playing field and also train your eye for what markets are more interesting to bet on than others.

Live Scores and Results

Look over current and previous results of games, which you’ll find in a similar section to the statistics. Seeing how a particular selection has done in the past could help you predict how they’ll do in upcoming events, and also let you know if the odds on a given selection are a good value or not.

Read Reviews

There are many sites out there providing reviews of what teams to watch and where you can get the best value out of your bets. Be wary of course that it is the internet and not all the information you’ll find out there is going to be accurate. Choose credible sites who provide reliable information on sports betting to inform yourself and keep up to date on where you can find smart tips for betting.

Glossary of Betting Terms

Knowing how important doing your research is in betting, we’ve included a practical guide to some of the most commonly used betting terms. This is a great thing to have on hand so you can quickly check to confirm you’re up to speed with what’s happening in a game, and that also means you’ll be better able to react accordingly in your favor.


A bet which is cumulative and where one bets on a selection of events in the first bet. The winnings of the first bet become the bet on the next, and so on consecutively. For the accumulator to be successful, all of the selections made on the bet have to come true. This ups the risk factor, and therefore the potential payout increases proportionately.


This refers to bets placed on major sporting events, usually in advance of the event itself. This gives the possibility to get better odds but also carries the risk that a selection could pull out and the stakes already placed will be lost.


A company licensed to make odds and accept bets on the result of an event

Cash Out

A feature which lets you take a return on a bet before that market closes. You can thereby make a profit while it’s ahead, or cut your losses if your selection is doing poorly.


An accumulator involving two selections. Both bets must be successful in order for the bet to win.

Each way

A kind of bet which gives a punter more chances of winning by placing essentially two bets: one that the selection will win, and one that the selection will place high in the outcome of the game. Each way bet can be placed on events where there is a large field, such as tournaments and larger competitions, and not on sports such as boxing where there can only be a winner or loser.


The maximum amount of money a sports book stands to lose in a game.


A form of wagering against odds set and offered by a bookmaker.

First Goalscorer

A bet placed on a player to score the first goal in the event.


The number of selections in an accumulator, for example, a Four-Fold Accumulator is a single bet involving 4 selections. Like other forms of accumulator, all four parts must be successful to get a return.

Half time result

A bet where the bettor must correctly predict the result of a match at halftime.


A system used by bookmakers to make a one-sided event more attractive, by adjusting certain factors. For example, the weaker team may start with a one goal advantage. This is also known as the “spread” in US sports. In the case of fractional handicaps, for example: 0.5, 1.5, and so on, there is no possibility for a draw. If the margin of victory is same as the quoted handicap, all bets on the selected team will lose.


When you “hedge” a bet, it means placing a bet on both sides of an outcome in order to guarantee winnings or to cut potential losses.

Match Betting

This is the most popular and common fixed-odds betting market. In standard match bets between two teams, winning odds are available for both, and the wager will either win or lose depending on the outcome of the event. There is also a draw option for cases in which the game ends without a winner. In football, fixed odds betting is also known as 1 x 2 betting, where the 1 stands for the home team and the 2 stands for the away team. The draw is denoted with an X.

No action

A bet where no money is lost or won.

Number Spread

An index spread based on the number of runs, goals, and points scored in an event.


The price or returns a bookmaker offers for a selection to win. The odds can be listed in decimal, fraction or American format. Decimal is the most common way to represent odds.


A football fixed odds market betting on total goals in the game, sometimes known as over/under. This kind of betting is growing in popularity. An over/under bet which is often available in football is over/under 2.5 goals.


A person who places a bet, or bettor.


This is the simplest form of bet, where there is only the possibility for a single outcome, and a bet can either win or lose.

Special Bets

Betting on specialty markets offered by bookies. These can include odds on the number of corners and bookings a televised match will have, odds for team performance, or the time of the first and the last goal scorer.


Betting on a range of outcomes, rather than on a win or lose outcome. This kind of betting is placed on whether an outcome will be above or below the spread, meaning that there is a higher potential risk and gain factor involved. For that reason the money lost or gained on a spread bet can turn out to be much higher than the initial money wagered.


The money risked on a bet


A single bet involving three selections, and all must be successful in order for the bet to win.


A kind of bet consisting of 4 bets involving 3 selections in different events. The bet includes 3 doubles and 1 treble, and a minimum of 2 of your selections must be successful to get a return.


A football fixed odds market betting on total goals in the game, sometimes known as over/under. This kind of betting is growing in popularity. An over/under bet which is often available in football is over/under 2.5 goals.


The team or individual that is expected to lose in a given competition. This is also known as the dog, and they get a point head start in a handicap.


getting the best odds possible on a wager

1 home team in fixed odds football betting.

2 away team in fixed odds football betting.

X a draw in fixed odds football betting.

This is just a sampling of some of the most popularly used terms in online betting, but there are many more out there dealing with every aspect of betting. Many betting websites also offer their own glossaries of betting terms, so that’s worth looking for in order to get to know terms specific to a certain company.

Mobile Betting

Many companies offer an app version of their regular website, and they’re usually free to download. What’s great about this is that it gives you a lot more flexibility than being tied to your computer whenever you want to check or update your bets. There are usually different versions of the betting app to fit different kinds of devices, which means whichever kind of mobile device you use, you’re most likely covered. Take a look at the table to see which app version you need for your particular device and where you can find it on the web:

Device App Version Where you can find it
iPhone iOS App iTunes App Store
iPad iOS App iTunes App Store
iPod touch iOS App iTunes App Store
Android phone Android App Google Play or Chrome Web Store
Android tablet Android App Google Play or Chrome Web Store
Windows phone Windows App Microsoft or from the bookie’s website
Windows tablet Windows App Microsoft or from the bookie’s website
BlackBerry BlackBerry App BlackBerry or from the bookie’s website

Many online betting sites offer their apps where you can directly download them from their websites too, so take a look at their mobile options. Those are usually listed under a heading such as “Mobile”, and you can sometimes even find special bonus offers given exclusively to customers who bet via mobile.

Why bet via mobile?

The reasons to bet on your mobile are pretty straightforward. Here are a few of the main perks of trying out betting from your mobile device. Once you try out mobile, you may not want to go back to the regular web-version.


Firstly, it’s much more convenient to bet on your phone than on a regular computer because you can stay on top of your bets anytime anywhere. It also means you don’t have to drop everything in your life just to sit by the computer to check on how things are going. The best thing about being able to bet on the go is that you don’t have to worry about your bets since you can check them easily at any time you wish.


Sports betting apps are designed specifically with the needs of mobile users in mind, and therefore display the most important information in the easiest to access form. Usually the betting app version of a website is a bit streamlined from the standard version, partially to accommodate for the smaller screen size, but also to make it more user-friendly. Betting mobile apps include the same functionality as the full fledged website in a portable size, so you can use all the same features you appreciate on the regular site, just from your phone or tablet. That means In Play betting, and live updated stats are available at your fingertips all the time.


You can choose to opt in for live updates through betting mobile apps, so you’ll be the first to know whenever something changes regarding a particular market or wager you’ve subscribed to. This makes it easier to relax about things and not need to check up on your bets all the time if you don’t want to. The update feature is optional, so it’s also easy to disable if it’s not for you.

Mobile Bonus Offers

The mobile bonuses you can get are very similar to other bonuses we covered before. Sometimes this involves a free bet offer or an initial deposit match bonus. Check the individual offers out there to see what’s available, as they tend to change or be promotions for limited amounts of time. Many companies are very happy when customers want to try out their mobile app, so they give special incentives for them to do so. It also helps getting that kind of bonus if you are new to mobile betting apps because it lets you figure out how the system works at a lower risk than usual.

Touch id

Many mobile betting apps have now introduced a touch id function, which lets you log in and place bets using your fingerprint to keep your account safe. This form of authentication makes sure that nobody but you, the account holder, can access your information and place bets without your permission. It’s also been proven that touch id makes the process of logging in four times faster than usual. You need to have a device with iOS 8.0 or later to use this feature though, so for Android, Windows or BlackBerry users, there is not a Touch id function yet.

Mobile Live Streaming

Not only can you get live updated statistics using the app, but you can actually stream video of your favourite events straight from your mobile. Many betting sites have integrated this feature now, and it’s hugely popular – for obvious reasons. This pumps up the action too, because you can watch and bet at the same time. Not a bad way to spend your time on the tube, watching and betting live instead of just looking at the stranger across from you.

Mobile betting is a huge area of the online betting industry and is growing at a very fast rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of online betting can be a bit complicated and confusing with all the different factors involved, so for that reason, we’ve included a section with answers to the most frequently asked questions related to betting. That way you have a resource to efficiently answer the most likely questions to pop up.

How do I place a bet?

To place a bet, choose the events you’re interested and click on one or more prices for the selections you want to bet on. Depending on the site you’re using, they will either be automatically added to your betting slip, or you may need to drag them there manually. Choose the stake, type of bet, for example make your bet an each way bet. Once you’re happy with the selection you’ve made, place your bet by clicking the button to submit it.

Can I cancel a bet once it has been placed?

You are not able to cancel a bet once it has been placed unfortunately. For this reason, you need to check your selection to make sure it is correct before your bet is placed, because there is no going back. On the positive side of this, there is the cash out feature which can be used to remedy a situation where you’ve bet on a selection you didn’t intend to. That way at least you can try to minimise the loss you might incur if your selection appears likely to lose.

Can I place multiple bets at the same time?

Yes you can, many bookies make it easy and convenient to organise several events on your betting slip at one time. To do this, just add the selections of your choice to your betting slip, just as you would a single event. They will appear in the betting slip and you can confirm and place the bets from there.

What is an each way bet?

This kind of bet comprises two bets, one for your selection to win and one for it to place. If your selection wins, you will then be paid out for both the win and place bets. If the selection is at least placed, you will then be paid out at the appropriate place odds determined at the time your bet was placed or based on the final number of runners.

Betting bonus code, promo code, what’s the difference?

These terms refer to exactly the same thing, a code which gives you access to a bonus at an online betting website. Call it what you like, you’ll still get the same bonus at the end of the day.

Why should I use a bonus code?

The reasons for using a bonus code are as numerous as the kinds of bonuses out there, but the bottom line is that using a bonus code gives you more chances to make money from online betting. Whether you use a free bet bonus code or one which gives you a match on your deposit, the bonus equals more cash to put toward your bets and more possibilities to win.

How do I make a deposit?

To make a deposit into your account, you usually need to be logged in. Then click on the area to access the payment page, cashier, etc. Select your payment amount, the method you wish to pay with and enter all the relevant payment details. Different payment methods may take different amounts of time to reach your account, so consult the table of wait times below to select a payment method which suits you.

What kind of payment methods are there?

Most online betting companies accept all the major forms of payment, including all the major credit cards and ewallets, paypal, as well as bank transfers, cheque and money transfer services. Some providers even accept bitcoin. The payment methods can vary a bit from website to website.

What methods are available for making a withdrawal? How long does a withdrawal take?

The withdrawal methods are usually very similar to those you can use as payment methods. Often your withdrawal will be sent to the same form of payment you initially used to set up your account, so for example, if you used your debit card, the amount will be credited back to the same debit card. Making a withdrawal from your online betting account can take between several hours and several days, depending on the method of payment you are using.

What do I do if I forgot my login information?

This is no problem at all. If you’ve forgotten your login details, just go to the lost login area for the website you’re using. This feature is usually located in or below the regular login field.

You may be asked to enter a security number, which you set up when opening your account initially. By entering this number, you verify that you are the authorised user on the account, and you’ll be able to reset your password. In the case that you forget your security number, you’ll need to get in touch with customer service to regain access to your account. Usually they will request the following information in order to get back into your account:

  • your username
  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your address and your postcode
  • your email address or telephone registered to your account
  • the date and amount of your most recent deposit or withdrawal into your account, or the last four-digits of the payment type you have registered on your account (for example your credit card, Paypal account number, or so on)
  • a new four-digit security number that you would like registering to your account

How do I cash out my free bets?

Once you’ve met all the specific requirements of a free bet bonus offer, you’ll be able to cash out your winnings made from those free bets. This functions just the way that regular winnings do, they are automatically sent to your betting account with the bookie you are using. When you decide you’d like to withdraw the funds from your account, you simply need to go to the withdrawal section of the respective site you are using. You must be logged in to your account to make a withdrawal. Your funds will usually be sent back to the form of payment you initially used when you set up your account, but you can check with the company in case you need to modify your withdrawal payment method.

How long does it take for bets to be settled?

Usually online betting websites aim to settle bets as quickly as possible once a match is finished. There may be delays in the case of situations where the outcome is not immediately determined or where official confirmation of the results is required.

Why can’t I use my bonus?

If you’re having trouble redeeming a bonus, you may not have satisfied certain requirements you must meet before making a withdrawal of the bonus funds. In case you’re struggling with this problem, you should consider the following possible causes:

Have you entered your bonus code correctly?

If a bonus code has been entered incorrectly, you may not be able to retrieve it. Always be sure to enter your bonus code accurately to ensure you get the bonus you’re entitled to. Copying and pasting it into the bonus code field is a good way to be certain that you don’t miss out on a bonus because you’ve entered it incorrectly.

Did you meet the minimum deposit requirements?

If there is a minimum requirement on deposits made in order to receive a particular bonus, make sure you’ve met those requirements in order to claim your bonus. The minimum deposit required is usually not a large sum of money, so it is not difficult to meet this stipulation.

Did you meet the turnover requirement?

Some offers have a turnover requirement as part of their terms and conditions in order to receive a bonus. This is regarding the number of times you cycle your bonus money through as a bet before you may withdraw it as cash. Check the offer details to find out exactly how much the turnover requirement is because all offers are a bit different on this point.

What is cash out?

This is a feature which allows you to take a return on your bet before the market for your chosen selection or selections closes. That means you are able to take a profit if your selection is doing well, or minimize any potential loss in the case you think your bet is unlikely to result in a win.

How does cash out work?

  • Your cash out request needs to be accepted by the online betting portal you’re using. If you want to cash out, a return amount will be displayed showing how much you would be able to get now, this is usually on your betting slip. The figure displayed is based on live market prices, so it can fluctuate to be more or less than the original stake you put in.
  • Follow the amount of cash out you can get, and once you’ve decided on taking the offered amount, click on the button to cash out the bet. If your request is then accepted, your bet will then be settled and the money from it will be put directly back into your account. The final outcome of the event you had bet on will no longer affect on the money returned to your account, because you have essentially pulled out of the betting on that event.
  • In some cases, you can also choose to only cash out part of your bet and then leave another part of the money to run. The cashed out part will be returned to your account and the remainder will be treated just as your original bet would, only with less money wagered.

What does it mean if a bet is settled as “void”?

A Void settlement means that your stake has been returned to you. This can be done for a number of reasons, so If you are unsure why your bet has been made void, you should check for further details on your bet confirmation or in the relevant rules section. It’s also worth contacting customer services to clarify the issue.

How can I tell if someone else has used my account?

To detect the unauthorized use of your online gambling account, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure that the personal details for your account have not been changed or tampered with.
  • When you log into your account, check to see whether the last login time displayed matches the time that you last logged in.
  • Take a look at your transaction history. Any transactions made on your account will be recorded there, so you can see if you can account for all the transactions. Make sure that the history matches your recent transactions. All transactions made through your account are recorded in the History section within Members. Check that these match your recent activity.
  • If you suspect unauthorized use of your account, change your password immediately and contact the company to investigate and solve the issue.

What if I find I have accidentally entered some of my personal information correctly?

If you have discovered your account information has been entered incorrectly, you can change some parts of it in your account control panel by yourself. To do so, you must be logged in to your account. For some details, you cannot change them on your own, and you must contact customer service to ask them to make those changes for you. This is done to keep users’ accounts safe and secure from unauthorized tampering with their account information.

Do I have to pay to use the live stream function?

Many bookies offer live streaming free of charge. They may stipulate that you must at least have a funded account with their service in order to use their live streaming function. Another alternative rule is that you must have placed a bet within the last 24 hours in order to view a live streaming video of an event.

Why hasn’t my withdrawal arrived?

Making a withdrawal can take some time to process, both on the end of the bookie and also based on your chosen method of payment. Once a withdrawal request has been approved, the money will be transferred to the payment method you have linked to your account. Many companies have a policy that the withdrawals are made to the previous method of payment, going back several months. So if your initial payment was made from a credit card, your first withdrawal will be paid out to the card registered to your account.

What is the ideal screen resolution for online betting sites?

Most bookie websites recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or more in order to appreciate the appropriate visual quality of their site. Higher resolution is of course better for viewing, especially if you want to use the live streaming feature.

Where can I view my open bets?

Your open bets will appear in the betting slip and also in the section giving you an overview of all your bets. This can differ from website to website, but there will always be a way to view the current bets you have open because it is the most important feature of the site.

What is a Rule 4?

A rule 4 deduction is an Industry standard where a specific, quoted deduction is applied for every 1 unit of currency won by a punter. The reason for having rule 4 deductions is that bookmakers offer odds on an event expecting that all scheduled participants will take part. If a participant is then withdrawn from an event, a rule 4 deduction is then applied to all bets placed before that withdrawal, in order to reflect the reduced amount of competitors. The amount of the rule 4 deduction depends on the odds of the withdrawn participant or participant at the time of their withdrawal. A rule of thumb to follow is: the shorter the odds, the larger the rule 4 deduction.

Do I need to enable cookies to use an online gambling site?

Most online betting websites do indeed require you to enable cookies to use their site. They do this mostly to give the customer a tailored, customized experience which enhances their interaction with the site. Many bookies operate all over the world, in numerous countries, so their site is also set to display in the language of the country or region a user is located in. This is done to simplify things, and it also makes the pages load more quickly in your browser so you don’t have to wait as long each time you access the site. Cookies also ensure that the site shows up in an understandable language for all users, no matter where they are in the world, so in English for UK and US users, in German for residents of Germany, Austria, and so on. Another reason for cookies is that your display settings can also be saved, so if you prefer seeing odds in fractional instead of decimal mode, it will show up the way you like it every time you visit the site.

How do I enable cookies?

To enable cookies, you’ll have to access the preferences settings in the browser you use to access the internet. Usually, that is done by going into the “Preferences” section of the browser menu, then clicking to enable cookies if they are disabled.



This article should give you a good foundation in all you need to know to improve your betting knowledge, including a couple of clever tips which will definitely give you a leading edge. Now that you’re well-versed in bonus codes, you’ll be able to make the most out of what’s available to you in terms of promo offers and advantageous bonuses. The glossary section outlining many key betting terms is also a good reference to keep in mind in case you run into confusing or unfamiliar betting terminology. There’s a lot of betting slang, so you may end up needing it. So now that you’re basically a betting expert, it’s time to get out there and put your betting knowledge to use!